Race, Discourse and Labourism (International Library of Sociology)

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In this context, a critical juncture seems to be emerging, as the middle classes have begun to voice protest against the developments described above. The year of saw mass manifestations on the streets, as Brazilians mainly from the middle classes protested during the FIFA events Singer Among the population earning more than five minimum wages MW , these numbers drop to 3. Meanwhile, The political climate before the elections of was further radicalized.

The elaborations on discursive and institutional developments regarding equality-oriented politics pointed at the context-dependency of the emergence of such policies. The explicit racism of the South African inequality regime did not only influence institutional developments, but also the equality-oriented discourse emerging within the freedom movement.

The institutionalization of the discourse in policies was furthermore influenced by the policies carried out under the apartheid regime in two important directions. Secondly, apartheid education policies for the discriminated parts of the population were geared at producing a cheap low-skilled workforce. This did not only create tensions since the s, when the transformation of the mode of production changed the requirements of the labor market, demanding a higher skilled workforce, but also resulted in problems in the Post-Apartheid era: As there has been a growing importance of affirmative action policies, private companies are heavily incentivized to employ formerly disadvantaged people at all levels, including the middle and higher tiers of management.

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Therefore, capacity problems for both the public sector and the governing tripartite alliance have been created, which are difficult to solve in the short run. These problems are restricting possibilities to invest into social services, which need sufficiently skilled personnel, especially in the field of education policies Picard ; Holdt South African opportunity structures opened up possibilities to implement one of the most ambitious affirmative action programs, benefitting not only Africans, but also other formerly discriminated people on the basis of race or gender.

This has opened up possibilities for social improvement that are not present in the case of Brazil. Contrary to the latter case, South African equality-oriented policies did not succeed in reducing income inequalities, as possibilities for social uplifting are restricted to a rather small group of formerly disadvantaged people who had sufficient access to education and the necessary social capital links to the governing tripartite alliance to benefit from the affirmative action program BEE. It remains yet to see if and how the current critical juncture related to lower rates of economic growth and the dropping support by the middle classes can be overcome.

It is important to note, that South Africa has witnessed fierce debates about the quality and validity of inequality indicators during the s cf. Meth More in-depth institutional analyses have been published elsewhere Leubolt ; a ; b ; Their explicit consideration would go beyond the scope of a single article. For the sake of this paper, it seems to be more appropriate to slightly modify Gelb's original idea to better reflect the racist character of the period. Alexander, N. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press.

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    Download Race, Discourse And Labourism (International Library Of Sociology) 1992

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    Race, Discourse and Labourism

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