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Dimmock, Jessica Photoshelter Blog: Bush as the chief White House photographer.


Duncan, John Foto8: July 23, Eich, Matt e-photoreview: September Engstrom, JH Viceland: August Erwitt, Elliot t Telegraph: October Fazzina, Alixandra YouTube: Fazzina, Alixandra: Witness to the devastation Telegraph: September Fink, Larry Pocko: April Finley, Colin multimedia interviews Livebooks. Foundry Photojournalism Workshop instructors liveBooks: Fox, Anna Foto8: July Franck, Martine Nowness: Frank, Brian American Public Media: July Kai Ryssdal talks to photographer Brian Frank about his travels along the Colorado River, where he photographed the impact of overpopulation, pollution, damming, global warming and apathy on the river and the communities that relied on it.

The book is an intimate visual chronicle of common people in ordinary situations drawn from several trips he made through his adopted country in the mids. Frank,Robert at the Lincoln Center audio 37 min.

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Galella, Ron nj. Gardi, Balazs Daily Telegraph: November He will return to Iraq later this month. Stephen Telegraph: June Gilbertson, Ashley e-photoreview. Back in D.

Godfrey, Ilan verbal. Watch a short video. Jan Prison Photography: March Greenfield, Lauren Stocklandmartelblog. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories. Harris, Naomi BJP: Haviv, Ron Starved for Attention blog: June Haviv, Ron Journalism Now: June Haviv, Ron on the Charlie Rose Show Henriksen, Ryan C.

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Herbaut, Guillaume Institute blog: September Hetherington, Tim Guernica: September We live in a post-photographic world. If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible. In this video, which features battlefront footage shot by Junger and photographer Tim Hetherington for ABC News, Junger and Hetherington talk about their experiences in Afghanistan while working on the story.

Hopper, Dennis A Photo Student: Rob is part of the Dutch Doc exhibition Institute: May Howe, Jason P.

Secrets of an imagemaker

Itkoff, Michael GuatePhoto: June Kamber, Michael Leica blog: August Kamber, Michael YouTube: Kander, Nadav Hatjecantz. Kashi, Ed on his environmental photography projects in the Niger delta and Madagascar Guardian: May audio slideshow Kashi, Ed Foto8: March Kashi, Ed Telegraph: January Kikai, Hiroh Eyecurious: Klein, William Words blog: Through lecturers and seminars about the world of editorial photography; group and individual portfolio and website reviews; Ms.


Kramer has shared her expertise with audiences around the country. Kratocvhil, Antonin Outside Magazine: September issue. Kratochvil, Antonin text CBC Kratochvil, Antonin Photoshelter Blog: April Kurtis, Seba Contact Editions Vimeo: Laban-Mattei, Olivier talks about photographing the haiti earthquake YouTube: Lange, James M. Larsen, Erika Feature Shoot: Larsen, Erika Redux video: Leibovitz, Annie NYT: This recording is taken from a series of talks given during a day long symposium held in April in Bradford England at the National Media Museum.

Lewin, Brent GuatePhoto: June Lewin, Brent Missrosen blog: Lowy, Benjamin YouTube. Lubell, Mark gholubowicz. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography. Mann, Sally Charlie Rose Show: Pietro World Press Photo: May Mark, Mary Ellen Mamiya blog: April McCullin, Don Telegraph: October McCullin, Don Guardian: March McCullin, Don Youtube: McCurry, Steve Youtube: Steve Telegraph: June McGinley, Ryan Dossier: March Meiselas, Susan Blurb blog: Melcher, Paul gholubowicz.

Meyerowitz, Joel Telegraph: March Milach, Rafal Modern Photo: Moore, John Getty Images podcast. Morris, Christopher Zorye. Morris, Christopher and Haviv, Ron on conflict photography at minutes in tvslo.

Photographic training

Mosse, Richard Milky Blacks blog: Mosse, Richard bldgblog: Mosse, Richard Whitehot Magazine: December Mthethwa, Zwelethu larissaleclair. Nachtwey, James video Epson America. Nahr, Dominic Blog: August Najade, Freya ePhotoreview Vimeo: June National Media Museum Podcasts. Nelson, Zed Professional Photographer: August Click his name on the list artists.

The event drew internationally renowned photojournalists and art photographers to the historic town center for full days of lectures, exhibitions and outdoor projections. Nichols had hosted backyard slideshows for his peers for years, and says he was inspired by the success of those evenings to bring photography to a wider audience.

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The photographers reflect on their experiences, and reflect on trying to be a photographer as well as a sister or brother, daughter or son. Pannack, Laura Telegraph: August Pannack, Laura Contact Editions: March Panos Profile voices Panos Pictures: July we asked our photographers to pick out one picture and say what it means to them. Telegraph: June Papageorge, Tod Foto8: November Pappis, Jean Pierre : Polaris Images gholubowicz.

Parr, Martin Telegraph: September PDN: July 31, Patterson, Adam e-photoreview: June Pellegrin, Paolo Vogue Italy: July Pellegrin, Paolo Nowness. A telephone companies employee finding the right cable to connect while standing on a ladder about 6 meters above ground siem reap, june A habitant of the infamous White Building in Phnom Penh standing in the door opening of his room a couple of years before the building has been demolished to make place for a casino phnom penh, april Young Muslim students in their classroom north of Phnom Penh. Saveth 24 is looking out over his parent's rice fields just after harvest siem reap, april Bou Meng, one of the survivors of the secret Khmer Rouge Prison S, in front of the exit gate of Tuol Sleng phnom penh, february Every Friday afternoon a group of policemen on their motorcycles enter the gas station in Siem Reap to fill up their tanks siem reap, december A young hill tribe mother smoking a pipe in Banlung, Ratanakiri Province ratanakiri province, june Remains of a victim from the Khmer Rouge period found in a desolate corner of Choeung Ek killing fields after the rain choeung ek, april A girl joking at one of the many girl bars in Phnom Penh phnom penh, august Planting rice by hand in Siem Reap province siem reap province, august A boy posing in front of a grave at the Vietnamese graveyard in Phnom Penh where families live illegally phnom penh, april A father is looking out of the window of the train that would take him and his daughter to Battambang but stopped halfway before the train went back to Phnom Penh loaded with timber.

The track has been restored recently and trains will go all the way to the Thai border nowadays kompong chhnang, august