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What a powerful picture of the aim and end of Christian service, and how it is enacted, shared, and spread across life.


We are not alone. Our efforts are not isolated. We give our gifts to God by giving our gifts to our neighbors. Like Ransom, we give so that others might give, and that others might live.

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And despite our fallen instincts and tendencies to keep score or take credit for ourselves, those very gifts are also due to the gifts of those before and beyond us. Joseph Sunde is an associate editor and writer for the Acton Institute.

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: ‘Perelandra’ | E. Stephen Burnett

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Wells or Isaac Asimov. Instead of finding something to wile away a few idle hours, I had stumbled across a book that turned my world upside down or, more accurately, turned it back right side up. In the first book, Out of the Silent Planet which I read second , Lewis told the story of Elwin Ransom, a Cambridge professor who is abducted and carried off to Mars, where he learns the true story of what is actually going on in our corner of the cosmos.

Unsuspecting reader that I was, I picked up Perelandra in hopes of a good adventure story, not expecting light fiction to have much to say about my faith.

Lewis begins the second book of the trilogy with himself as a character, trekking out to a remote cottage to meet his friend Ransom. At some point, it will flash into the mind of every reader: eldils are angels.

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Lewis has re-imagined for us what it might feel like to actually encounter an angel. If Lewis had depicted a heavenly messenger clad in radiant garments, its identity would be so recognizable as to be dismissible. It suggests that we all carry Adam and Eve around inside us, that we reach for the wrong fruit every day, that we too often try to assert a god-like control over our own lives.