Lectures On Statistical Physics And Protein Folding

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About this product Product Information This book introduces an approach to protein folding from the point of view of kinetic theory. There is an abundance of data on protein folding, but few proposals are available on the mechanism driving the process.


The statistical physics of evolutionary predictions

Here, presented for the first time, are suggestions on possible research directions, as developed by the author in collaboration with C C Lin. The first half of this invaluable book contains a concise but relatively complete review of relevant topics in statistical mechanics and kinetic theory.

It includes standard topics such as thermodynamics, the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, and ensemble theory. Special discussions include the dynamics of phase transitions, and Brownian motion as an illustration of stochastic processes. The second half develops topics in molecular biology and protein structure, with a view to discovering mechanisms underlying protein folding.

New Algorithms and the Physics of Protein Folding | SpringerLink

Attention is focused on the energy flow through the protein in its folded state. A mathematical model, based on the Brownian motion of coupled harmonic oscillators, is worked out in the appendix. Sign up for new issue notifications. We propose a universal elastic energy for proteins, which depends only on the radius of gyration R g and the residue number N.

It is constructed using physical arguments based on the hydrophobic effect and hydrogen bonding.

Protein Physics

Adjustable parameters are fitted to data from the computer simulation of the folding of a set of proteins using the CSAW conditioned self-avoiding walk model. It shows three folding stages characterized by the progression with exponents?

The pre-globule goes over to the molten globule via a break in behavior akin to a first-order phase transition, which is initiated by a sudden acceleration of hydrogen bonding. This site uses cookies.

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Genesis of the island model: from polymers to proteins

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