Film Studies: The Basics (2nd Edition)

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The curriculum of tertiary level film studies programs often include but are not limited to:.

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With diverse courses that make up for film studies majors or minors come to exist within schools. Currently different tertiary institutions nationwide offer a major program in film studies. Institutions offering film degrees as part of their arts or communications curriculum differ from institutions with a dedicated film program. The curriculum is in no way limited to films made in the United States; a wide variety of films can be analyzed. With the United States' film industry second worldwide only to India, the attraction for film studies is high.

To obtain a degree in the United States, a person is likely to pursue careers in the production of film, especially directing and producing films. Films can reflect the culture of the period not only in the United States but around the world. Film studies throughout the world exist in over 20 countries. Due to the high cost of film production third world countries are left out of the film industry especially in the academic setting. Despite this fact more prosperous countries have the ability to study film in all the aspects of film studies.

Discourse in film can be found in the schools around the world; often, international attention to the aesthetics of film emerge from film festivals. For example, the Cannes Film Festival is the most prestigious in the world.

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