Everwild (The Skinjacker Trilogy, Book 2)

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by Neal Shusterman

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Yes, a great story with wonderful narration. What did you like best about this story? The continued adventures of the main characters from book 1. I listened to the first book and felt the adolescent story was interesting, but I should have stopped there. Neal Shusterman continues the story begun in "Everost" and what a lovely wild ride it is! I was touched by the gentle romance in this story and yet shocked at times by the actions undertaken by some of the characters. Shusterman's gift for character development and world-building just gets better and better. I think the narrator is one of the best, too.

I recommend this book to everyone I've been reading other reviews about this book, hundreds of them. Most of the reviews praise the book's brilliance. Did I even read the same book as these reviewers? I've read or listened to a handful of Shusterman's books. I gave them all five stars. He has quite an imagination. A good storyteller. That is why Everwild was such a huge disappointment. I liked Everlost but didn't really like the character of Mary, who was way too creepy for my taste.

No problem since she was a villain and only appeared occasionally. This book had way too much Mary and not enough of the Nick and Allie who we'd grown so attached to in book 1. The points of view for this book were all over the place.

The subplots were all over the place. I felt like I was the skinjacker. Allie and Nick were a disappointment. They were so strong and clear minded in Everlost; in Everwild, however, they were useless. I never understood the purpose of Milos. First he likes Allie, and then he likes Mary. It's like Shusterman didn't know himself who to hook him up with.

Nick wasn't much better, vowing to destroy Mary even though he kind of, sort of loved her. Halfway through, I still intended to give it a 3-star. But it just kept going downhill. In fact, the whole storyline went way past unbelievable and straight to ridiculous. Yes, I know it's fiction. But GOOD fiction can seem believable no matter how unlikely the situation. I held out, though, because I had high hopes that the ending would make up for my incessant boredom and irritation.