Computational Conformal Mapping

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Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 0. Basic Concepts.

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Conformal Mappings. Polynomial Approximations. Nearly Circular Regions. Integral Equation Methods. Doubly Connected Regions.

Multiply Connected Regions. Grid Generation. Cauchy P. Numerical Evaluation. Homogeneous Hilbert Problem. Nonhomogeneous Hilbert Problem. Successive Approximations. Catalog of Conformal Mappings.

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Computational Conformal Mapping

We demonstrate convergence with computational experiments. The Riemann mapping has applications in two-dimensional potential theory and mesh generation. We demonstrate CRDT on problems in long, thin regions in which no other known algorithm can perform comparably. Sign in Help View Cart.

Automatic generation of quadrilateral elements by a conformal mapping

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  • Numerical Conformal Mappings onto the Canonical Slit Domains.
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    Web of Science You must be logged in with an active subscription to view this. Keywords numerical conformal mapping , Schwarz--Christoffel mapping , cross-ratios , Delaunay triangulation. Publication Data. Journal home Journal issue About the journal.

    Conformal Mapping: The Joukowski Transformation - AT&T Archives

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    Automatic generation of quadrilateral elements by a conformal mapping

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