A Companion To Marxs Capital, Volume 2

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Class 05 Reading Marx's Capital Vol 2 with David Harvey

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A Companion to Marx's Capital, vol 2 by David Harvey - PDF Drive

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Popular Features. New Releases. A Companian to Marx's Capital: Volume 2. Description The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression shows no sign of coming to a close and Marx's work remains key in understanding the cycles that lead to recession. For nearly forty years, David Harvey has written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the world's most foremost Marx scholars.

Based on his recent lectures, and following the success of his companion to the first volume of Capital, Harvey turns his attention to Volume 2, aiming to bring his depth of learning to a broader audience, guiding first-time readers through a fascinating and hitherto neglected text. Whereas Volume 1 focuses on production, Volume 2 looks at how the circuits of capital, the buying and selling of goods, realize value.

The following parts are concerned with merchants' capital, interest-bearing capital and landed capital. The last part draws the whole account together.

A Companion to Marx's Capital, Volume 2

The aim of the volume as a whole is to locate and describe the concrete forms which grow out of the movements of capital as a whole. Thus, the various forms of capital approach step by step the form which they assume on the surface of society in the action of different capitals on one another in competition and in the ordinary consciousness of the agents of production themselves 25 Clarke.

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Marx—Engels—Lenin Institute. Moscow translation. Labour-power becomes redundant for it as soon as it is no longer necessary to employ it for 12 to 15 hours a daily. A development of productive forces which would diminish the absolute number of labourers, i. This is another manifestation of the specific barrier of capitalist production, showing also that capitalist production is by no means an absolute form for the development of the productive forces and for the creation of wealth, but rather that at a certain point it comes into collision with this development.

This collision appears partly in its periodical crises , which arise from the circumstances that now this and now that portion of the labouring population becomes redundant under its old mode of employment.

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The limit of capitalist production is the excess time of the labourers. The absolute spare time gained by society does not concern it. The development of productivity concerns it only in so far as it increases the surplus labour-time of the working class, not because it decreases the labour time for material production in general.